Child Sponsorship

God’s gift to us is our talents and our gift to Him is how we use those talents. As each man is meticulously designed by God, so is his purpose, and thankfully, by God’s Grace, we have found a deep calling. The poverty we face in Nicaragua and across the world seems astronomical. However, how humbling is it to realize that all these troubles are in the palm of a being greater than us? Our goal is not simply to aid poverty. It is not just to provide food. It is not just to provide shelter and clothing. It is not just to provide immediate medical necessities. It is to provide a relationship with Christ in which we, His creation, are the vessel of communication. We were not sent here to be served, but to serve others.

Our ministry may not cure poverty, but it will intimately touch the lives of others. And even if each of us only change the heart of one person, that will be one more soul filled with grace and one more soul brought into the kingdom of God.

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